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Quality Assured
We pride ourselves on the reliability and up-time of our process. To maintain this high standard of performance and our reputation for excellence, we perform a rigorous 300 plus inspection
Uniform Production
We design and test our presses to exacting standards to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of their processes and product. This allows our customers to focus on the daily...
Presses Large and Small
Because we've been manufacturing, selling and servicing hydraulic compacting presses for more than 30 years, we are fully aware of the unique need for and application of various sized presses...
Multiple Applications
Digital Press products can be used to compact various mixtures of powders used in the production of Metallurgy Parts, Structural Parts, Ceramic Parts, Stainless Parts, Alloy Parts, etc...
Hi-Tech Solutions
We have been privileged to witness the evolution of the technology behind hydraulic compacting presses over the last 30 years, and are amazed at how far we've come. Thanks to...
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Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses


Digital Press (and its predecessors) have been manufacturing hydraulic powder compacting presses (dry molding presses) for more than 40 years, offering single-level and multi-level dry molding production machines that serve as the workhorse equipment in facilities around the US.

We know how critical production is to the ongoing success of every one of our customers, so we work hard to guarantee our hydraulic powder compacting presses, getting customers up-and-running quickly and making sure our machines remain operational. We are able to make this guarantee thanks to our unique manufacturing process, our cutting-edge approach to service and our singular focus on manufacturing the best hydraulic powder compaction presses.

First, because we pre-manufacture our hydraulic powder compacting presses, our delivery times are the best in the industry. In fact, Digital Press equipment generally ships in weeks, not months (inventory withstanding - contact us to find out what's in stock). This ensures your Digital Press will be in your facility, in production faster than you ever thought possible.

Second, thanks to our technological focus and approach, we are readily available to provide support on any of our hydraulic powder compacting presses. Using a simple network connection, we can access, assess and service our machines without the typical lag time associated with traditional travel methods. We also provide free phone support to get you up and running in minutes (usually the same day)! This is all part of our dedication to ensuring our customers are able to produce around-the-clock.

Finally, we are not a job shop. We are a CNC powder press technology company that is and always has been dedicated to and focused on designing and producing hydraulic powder compacting presses. It's all we do and we do it very well.

Why should I buy a Digital Press?

Digital Press is leading the industry when it comes to hydraulic powder compacting presses. This is our specialty. Our numerically controlled closed loop system has been tested and proven to have a consistent output with a rugged design. Our feedback messaging feature and intuitive touchscreen simplifies setup and operation. Also, we understand that each customer has their individual needs to produce good parts so because all of the programming and design is our own, we can easily adjust almost anything to fit your needs.

Digital Press prides ourself on the simplicity and accuracy of our equipment. Our powder press touch-screen design makes operation an intuitive experience for users of all skill levels, and the standardized interface makes it easy for individuals to migrate from one Digital Press to another without complete retraining. In addition, our precise engineering and extensive quality assurance process (we quality check more than 300 points on each press prior to each shipment) allows for incredible machine accuracy that results in minimal waste.

If you need guaranteed production from an experienced powder compacting press manufacturer with low maintenance costs, we’d really appreciate an opportunity to speak with you. We feel confident that our reputation and references will convince anyone that partnering with Digital Press is a solid business decision.



We are at your service!

For additional information, feel free to give us a call or contact us. We are ready and able to apply our expertise and help you solve your manufacturing challenge.



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