15 Ton CNC Powder Press

Our 15 Ton CNC Powder Press may be the smallest in our line, but it still packs an incredible array of standard features and options.  This press is especially accurate in its tolerances, and handles even the most intricate press work with amazing precision. 

Here are some of the highlights of our PM-15 Digital CNC Powder Compacting Press:

  • It produces a better parts rate.
  • It has been designed specifically for single level but it can have 2 levels with a flanged die.
  • An open-loop core pin is standard.
  • A CNC closed-loop core pin is available as an option.
  • It has all the intricate functionality of the larger presses.
  • It has a smaller footprint and does not need a pit or platform.
  • It allows for a 7″ fill, 6″ die with lots of daylight.
  • It offers incredibly high resolution with increments of .010 tons.
Operating Specifications
Max Tonnage
Maximum force generated by the upper arm.
15 tons
Upper Ram Retract Force
Maximum force generated by the upper ram during retraction.
3 tons
Upper Ram Stroke
Max stroke of the upper ram hydraulic cylinder from fully down to fully retracted.
Lower Ram Counter Pressure
Max amount of force that holds the die table up.
9 tons
Lower Ram Withdrawal Pressure
Maximum machine force available to strip the part out of the die after compaction.
9 tons
Fill Depth
Depth of the space that is capable of being filled with powder material.
Oil Reservoir Capacity
Size of hydraulic oil reserve storage tank.
60 gal
High Pressure
Pressure available to generate 15 tons of force.
3616 psi
Low Pressure
Pressure required for rapid movement of main cylinders.
Pilot Oil Pressure
500 psi used to control auxiliary equipment and valves.
500 psi
Max Upper Ram Down Speed
The maximum rapid traverse positioning speed of the upper ram to move into position.
Max Upper Ram Up Speed
The maximum rapid traverse positioning speed of the upper ram to retract it.
Max Pressing Speed
The maximum speed available during the actual compaction stroke.
Max Lower Ram Up Speed
The maximum speed available to lift the lower ram up and into position.
Max Lower Ram Down Speed
The maximum speed available to retract the lower ram down and out of position.
Max Cycle Rate (0.7″ fill)
The maximum attainable cycle rate with a 0.7″ fill operation.
Electric Motor
Hydraulic pump motor size.
15 hp
Control System Voltage
Voltage provided to and employed by the control system.
120 VAC
Electrical Service Required (3 phase)
Type and capacity of the electric supply needed.
Standard Die Size
Diameter of the die the press accepts for standard applications.
6″ dia
Feeder Stroke
The amount of shakes the feeder box has over the die cavity.
Feeder Box Size
The diameter fo the opening that travels over the die cavity to fill the die with powder.
4″ dia
Powder Hopper Capacity
Size of the powder supply hopper.
10 gal
Frame Width27″
Platform Height (or) Pit Depth—-
Tank Height35″
Power Unit Depth—-
Power Unit Height54″
Working Height45″
Overall Width62″
Frame Base Width56″
Frame Depth—-
Frame Opening18″
Frame Weight5,000 lbs
Power Unit Weight—-