Friday, 14 August 2020
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Our Mission

At Digital Press, our primary focus is to build the best machines to ensure your press is always up and running. We design our presses to last but understand that valves and seals will eventually need to be replaced. That's why we stock these items for quick fulfillment and are willing to send spare parts for testing or troubleshooting (even without a PO). Our presses perform reliably for 30 years, then we can remanufacture them and extend their work life even further.

We are not a corporation. We are a family that believes in trust and old-fashioned values. We respect each relationship and judge each situation independently, with fair, common sense decision-making and not hard-defined corporate policies.

The mission of Digital Press is to build equipment that will keep our customers’ production lines up and running with the lowest cost of ownership possible. We design communications and test capabilities into our controls as well as test fixtures on the machine to allow us, along with our customer’s team, to quickly diagnose just about any problem that develops in the shortest possible time putting the press back on line fast, often within a half hour and usually no longer than three hours. This is why we have never had a service department as a profit center. Should a Digital Press need attention from the factory, the person who comes is someone who participated in designing and building that machine and is familiar with it from the ground up. Recently implemented, Digital Press is maintaining an inventory of wear parts that will be needed for routine scheduled maintenance over the lifespan of the press they bought.

We know that keeping production lines up and running is critical to our customers’ and their employees’ livelihoods. Digital Press’s true purpose is to provide for our family and the families of our employees. Phillip Crosby once said, “Organizations exist so people can have lives.” That is what we are really about—family.



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