Friday, 14 August 2020
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40 Ton CNC Powder Compacting Press

Our 40 Ton CNC Powder Press provides that extra force when your job requirements move into the mid-size arena.  This model offers the following highlights:

  • it is fast acting with smooth accurate motions
  • it has the capacity for a 7" fill, 8" die
  • it offers high resolution with increments of .1 tons
  • it can make parts with as low as .8 tons of force
  • an open loop core pin is standard
  • as an option, a CNC closed loop core pin or core pin/secondary lower punch combo is also available
  • it's prelift has a max holding force of 38.9 tons
  • it has a small footprint and does not need a pit or platform



 PM-40 Specifications PM-40

Max Tonnage

40 tons
Upper Ram Retract Force 8 tons
Upper Ram Stroke 12"
Lower Ram Counter Pressure 28 tons
Lower Ram Withdrawal Pressure 24 tons
Fill Depth 0-7"
Oil Reservoir Capacity 130 gal
High Pressure 2829 psi
Low Pressure  N/A
Pilot Oil Pressure 500 psi
Max Upper Ram Down Speed 7.7"/sec
Max Upper Ram Up Speed 9.9"/sec
Max Pressing Speed 4.3"/sec
Max Lower Ram Up Speed  5.8"/sec
Max Lower Ram Down Speed 7.8"/sec
Max Cycle Rate (.7" fill) 42/min
Electric Motor 20 hp
Control System Voltage 120 VAC
Electrical Service Required  440V/30A
Standard Die Size 8" dia
Feeder Stroke 8"
Feeder Box Size 4" dia
Powder Hopper Capacity 10 gal


 PM-40 Dimensions PM-40

Frame Width

Height 98"
Depth 68"
Platform Height (or) Pit Depth 0
Tank Height 37"
Power Unit Depth ------
Power Unit Height 57"
Working Height 52"
Overall Width 66"
Frame Base Width 60"
Frame Depth ------
Frame Opening 20"
Frame Weight 8,000 lbs
Power Unit Weight ------



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