Friday, 14 August 2020
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The Next Chapter

Martin Ettinger literally grew up on the floor of Digital Press. Joining the Company as an intern at the age of 14, Martin has been groomed and mentored for the last 20 years by his father Willard, one of the industry's most respected designers and builders of hydraulic powder compaction presses.

During summer breaks, Martin worked in the stockroom organizing inventory and learning about the various components used in our powder compaction presses. He also spent time in the engineering department, learning how to read and draft blueprints, and began to learn CAD programs, creating digital drawings of his own.

After graduating high school, Martin came to work for Digital Press full time, learning every mechanical aspect of the machines from painting the frame to installing motors, cylinders, valves hoses etc., graduating to building the controls, as well as programming.
Martin has spent countless hours in the field with Willard performing on-site troubleshooting on Alphas, Mannesmanns, Bussmanns and the occasional Digital Press. It is this on-site experience that he finds most gratifying:

"I love getting into the field, watching customers' processes, learning about the motions they're using, how they're pressing parts and what they need from their presses to meet the challenges they face in their marketplace."

Digital Press has been a big part of Martin's life to this point, with more than half of it spent "in the trenches." He understands the importance of earning the absolute uncompromised trust instilled in him by his father.

"I'm so proud to be part of the Digital Press story, and I'm dedicated to carrying on my father's legacy and growing the company he built. We build a great press that rarely breaks down, but if it does, I'll be right there to make sure it's back online quickly."

What does the future hold for Martin and Digital Press?

“Willard has provided a firm foundation on which we can grow Digital Press and I intend on doing just that! We will continue to strive towards building strong reliable presses that produce repeatable parts for our customers and to support them in an economical manner. I will also be looking to sustain and build on my father’s good reputation with the strenuous goal of surpassing it, if that’s even possible. Should I succeed in this endeavor, one thing I do know is that he will be proud!”



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