Friday, 14 August 2020
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In 1999, Willard Ettinger, a long-time manager of C.C. Sutinen & Company (a well-known hydraulic press manufacturers) felt that his company wasn’t fully realizing its potential in the powder compacting press market, so he purchased the company and changed its name to Digital Press. 

Willard, who had worked his way up from the stockroom of Sutinen, was by then fully involved in the design and engineering of their presses and managing the service side of their business.  This experience had led him to truly recognize and understand the quality and potential of his company’s products, presses that had grown from the company’s background as a previous distributor of the iconic Bussmann Presses.

Ettinger’s concept for helping his new company reach its full sales potential was simple – keep pace with demand by maintaining immediate inventory.  So he instituted a revolutionary production process that required pre-building one of each of their presses to ensure they were ready to sell (this had never been done in the powder compacting press industry). 

In addition, Digital Press instituted a rigid quality control process that required every movement of each pre-built press be personally checked and verified by Willard and his son Martin.  With this, he ensured the reputation and future of his new company, making Martin personally responsible for each new press that was sold.

Thanks to innovative operational policies such as these, Digital Press has managed to build on the legacy of its presses and thrive over the last decade and a half.  In the process, Willard has been able to share his 40 years of industry experience with his son Martin, and pass down an ongoing compacting press pedigree for years to come.   

"I have every confidence in Martin’s skills and abilities.  I’ve witnessed his dedication to our mission, our products and our customers.  I know that he will build on what I have started and lead Digital Press into a successful and brilliant next chapter."

Why should I buy a Digital Press?

Digital Press is leading the industry when it comes to hydraulic powder compacting presses. This is our specialty. Our numerically controlled closed loop system has been tested and proven to have a consistent output with a rugged design. Our feedback messaging feature and intuitive touchscreen simplifies setup and operation. Also, we understand that each customer has their individual needs to produce good parts so because all of the programming and design is our own, we can easily adjust almost anything to fit your needs.

Digital Press can trace its roots to Mr. Meers of Mannesmann-Meers a recognized pioneer in the use of hydraulics in the powder compaction industry. These beginnings as well as focusing on just hydraulic presses and building the most reliable hydraulic press available has been our goal from the start. Our design philosophy reflects this as does our business approach. Digital Press does not consider service as a profit center! We incorporate in all of our presses mechanical and digital diagnostic features that along with our customer’s team allow us to trouble shoot any issue with a telephone and a modem. Rarely does it take us a day or two to resolve an issue with most of the time taking less than an hour or two. This is done at no charge to the customer and it does keep our technical staff free enough to react immediately should a visit need to take place. We have designed our machines to constantly deliver low cost of ownership year in year out. That should keep your CFO happy!

This philosophy at times does cost us but we are not backing off, in one incident a customer had an old Bussmann press that had been looked at by two other companies and it was recommended that it be rebuilt. They were considering buying one of our new presses but asked if we could come and take a look. With $2,500 in parts and the cost of the service call we got the machine back on line and lost the sale of a new machine.

Our maintenance philosophy has also cost us. In one case the PM of a plant liked the service staff from a competitor and decided to buy their machine over ours. It was interesting speaking with maintenance afterwards. Because we don’t have to do service calls very often if at all our service staff has no time to build relationships. Our design and maintenance strategy does not lend itself well to selling and account maintenance however it does make sound business sense for our customers and in the end that is what buys customer loyalty.

We are at your service

For additional information, feel free to give us a call or contact us. We are ready and able to be your Hydraulic Press Manufacturer.



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