Friday, 14 August 2020
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Our Digital Press Touchscreen Control Units make it easy to manage all operational aspects of our powder compacting presses.  All of the following parameters can be tracked and managed through our simple, well-designed interface:

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Temperature Screen:  This screen displays the current oil temp and allows the user to set a "water valve on" parameter.  The optimal oil temp is 120 degrees F and by setting the "water valve on" point for 120 will allow the oil cooler to automatically turn on and off to keep the oil at the set temp.

Parts Screen:  Keeps a tally of parts made, parts made in a shift, and a stop counter that will stop the press when the amount of parts you set is made.

Operator Screen:  To keep the operator from accidentally changing an important parameter, you can set different user levels so that the operator can only see this screen and make minor changes to fill, compact height, and tonnage.  

Main Display:  Shows the positions of all main cylinders for quick reference.

Main Menu:  Easy to use and understand.  

Inputs:  Shows if inputs/outputs are currently on or off.  This helps with troubleshooting and a quick reference to verify if components are working.

Graphs:  Multiple graphs show a change in fill, part height, and pressure to monitor press operation.

Auto-fill:  Set tolerances on your part height or pressure so that this feature can automatically change fill position to attain uniform sizes and densities.  

Pressure:  Set your main pressing force and other parameters to dial in your optimal running pressure.

Speed:  Adjust different speed parameters to boost part rates.  Also helps with synchronization of motions for even densities. 

Upper Ram:  This screen shows some of your main Upper Ram parameters.

Cycle:  A comprehensive reference page to see what parameters you have turned on.

Die Force Float (DFF):  Set the point when your die will start and stop floating on this screen.  Also set the speed of the float to better control densities.

Die Entry:  Set how much the upper punch is allowed to enter the die to prevent the upper and lower punch from getting too close to each other.

Feeder:  This screen shows some of you main Feeder parameters

Lower Ram:  This screen shows some of your main Lower Ram (Die) parameters.

Main Display 2:  A quick reference to see what most of your parameters are set for.



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