Thursday, 02 July 2020
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350 Ton CNC Powder Compacting Press

Our 350 Ton CNC Powder Press features high flow/low pressure double pump for rapid movements of the main rams and pilot pressurearray as well as:

  • a power unit is separate from the frame
  • the capcity for a 10" fill, 12" die
  • resolution in increments of 1 tons
  • a prelift maximum holding force of 252 tons
  • optional CNC closed loop core pin or core pin/secondary lower punch combo is available (this secondary lower punch has an independent dedicated pump and motor)
  • rear access to back of tooling between frame and tank
  • minimal 36" pit or platform requirement


 PM-350 Specifications PM-350

Max Tonnage

 350 tons
Upper Ram Retract Force 25 tons
Upper Ram Stroke 16"
Lower Ram Counter Pressure 235 tons
Lower Ram Withdrawal Pressure 156 tons
Fill Depth 0-10"
Oil Reservoir Capacity 650 gal
High Pressure 3961 psi
Low Pressure 800 psi
Pilot Oil Pressure 500 psi
Max Upper Ram Down Speed 6.2"/sec
Max Upper Ram Up Speed 7.2"/sec
Max Pressing Speed 3.1"/sec
Max Lower Ram Up Speed 11.7"/sec
Max Lower Ram Down Speed 5.7"/sec
Max Cycle Rate (.7" fill) 27/min
Electric Motor 75 hp & 50hp
Control System Voltage 120 VAC
Electrical Service Required  440V/150A
Standard Die Size 12" dia
Feeder Stroke 12"
Feeder Box Size 8" dia
Powder Hopper Capacity 25 gal
 PM-350 Dimensions PM-350

Frame Width

Height 158"
Depth 119"
Platform Height (or) Pit Depth 36"
Tank Height 83"
Power Unit Depth 67"
Power Unit Height 122"
Working Height 43"
Overall Width 108"
Frame Base Width 108"
Frame Depth 52"
Frame Opening 36"
Frame Weight 29,000 lbs
Power Unit Weight 15,000 lbs



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